MGNREGA Digital Signature Ultimate Guide

When I published Run Java Correctly, I thought everyone will get the idea to run and configure Java. This will also make them eligible to process MGNREGA Digital Signature. But with changing pattern of MGNREGA portal’s URL and working pattern it is becoming a problem to process digital signature. Also, clear guidance from NIC or any authority is a problem. As usual am here to help you all with my MGNREGA Digital Signature Ultimate Guide.

No matter if you have any knowledge of software installation or not, if you follow the steps carefully, you will get success.

Before starting this process read Run Java Correctly with attention. Then proceed to this article.

Here is MGNREGA Digital Signature Ultimate Guide :

At first the declaration : Java runs only on Firefox 52 ESR or Firefox 51.0 (or below). NO OTHER BROWSER WILL WORK CORRECTLY.

Step 1 : Installing Java :

  • Go to
  • Click on Windows Online.
  • The File Download dialog box appears prompting you to run or save the download file.
  • Click Save.
  • This is a small file (at time of writing only 721 KB). So will be downloaded in seconds.
  • After download complete go to the location and Double Click the downloaded file. You will get the following dialog box. Click Yes.

    Java Installation Asking for Permission

  • The installation process will be started. Click Install to continue.
  • Java shows welcome screen

    Java shows welcome screen

  • It will take some time depending on the network speed you have. Usually 2-3 minutes on a 2 Mb/S line.
  • Java Installation Files are downloading

    Files are downloading

  • Now it will ask to choose some other app. DON’T accept those. Just click Next.
  • Do not update Browser settings

    Do not update Browser settings


    Installing Java

  • It is possible that you already had some older versions installed. So, you may see the following screen. Click Unistall>
  • Out of Date Java Version Detected

    Out of Date Java Version Detected

  • It will start the uninstallation process. Here click Next on the second window.
  • Uninstalling outdated java version

    Uninstalling outdated java version…

  • Out of Date versions of Java Successfully Uninstalled

    Out of Date versions of Java Successfully Uninstalled

  • On completion you will get this screen saying installation is successful. Click Close. It will open new browser window to verify java installation.
  • Java installation successful

    Java installation successful

  • Click Verify Java Version.
  • Java installation verification window

    Java installation verification window

  • You may be asked to Accept and Continue for 1/2 times. Do that.
  • Finally you get this.
  • Java installation success

    Java installation success


Step 2 : Configuring Java For MGNREGA Digital Signature:

The following steps are vital because this will stop “APPLICATION BLOCKED BY JAVA SECURITY” error.

  • Goto Control Panel.
  • Locating Control Panel

    Locating Control Panel

  • Click on Java icon.
  • Java Control Panel in main control panel

    Java Control Panel in main control panel

  • Java Control Panel

    Open Java Control Panel from Control Panel

  • Goto “Security” Tab.
  • Make sure the Check Box beside “Enable Java content in the browser” is Checked.
  • Click on “High” option.
  • Click “Edit Site List…”
  • Security Tab of Java Control Panel

    Goto Security Tab of Java Control Panel and Edit Site List

  • Click “Add”.
  • Enter URL in exception

    Click Add Button

  • Adding Exception

    URL to be entered in New Row

  • On the row that appeared paste (This is the most vital part. The URL must be the same. NO extra characters should be inserted.)
  • Adding Exception URL

    Adding Exception URL

  • Click “Ok”
  • Ignore Security Warning

    Ignore Security Warning and continue

  • Click “Continue”
  • URL added to exception

    URL added to exception

  • Click “Ok”
  • Restart computer.

That is all you need to make your computer ready for MGNREGA Digital Signature Processing.

One thing at last : Here is no difference between first or second sign. If you can do first sign, you will be able to do second sign.

Thats all, if you have any query post them in comment.

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Subhrapratim De is a Data Entry Operator (DEO/VLE) under MGNREGA Scheme. He is working at the ground level (Gram Panchayat) since 2008 in West Bengal. He has strong background knowledge of computer system, network and operating system. He has knowledge of programming and databases too. Lastly he is a part time blogger.

  1. cannot continued signing process showing “digital signature in process….”
    how to solve it?
    I have uninstalled the previous java and reinstall new one. same setting with other PC is also done.

  2. i have done it all as you said but at last it is showing me The Digital Signature does not match the enrolled Signature. Please insert the proper Signature.

  3. Eureka Infotech is offering fastest and paperless digital signature online . Get DSC within 30 minutes. Visit us for emudhra DSC business franchise.

  4. Reply
    Naveen Kumar Dwivedi November 11, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    I am failing to sign FTO since day before yesterday.I have updated my Internet Explorer and than re installed Java but again it is not being signed and the page is flashing Digital Signature in process . . .

    Kindly help me guide

    • i have done it all as you said but at last it is showing me the error ( ClassNotFoundException)

    • i have done it all as you said but at past it is showing me the error ( ClassNotFoundException)

  5. please give me Windows 10 solution

  6. nice information but there is one question that while using DSC for payment reflects the message that digital signature is mismatched. plz resolve the issue.

    • It seems that old certificates are stored in your computer. For this to resolve, delete all the certificates by going to Control Panel>Internet Options>Content>Certificates and “Remove” all the existing certificates. This will resolve the issue.

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