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We are “Data Entry Operator”s, doing all the computer related official works at various GPs of West Bengal for the last three to five years. In this long time we have seen a lot of things happening. Some questions have arisen in our minds. And also we think from that short spell of involvement (i.e. upto 5 years) in a particular work, we have gathered a little experience which we should share with all of you. So, we are starting this blog. At first we would like to confess that you will find our words criticizing. Yes, we are doing that. And we think the issues mentioned later should be criticized. Its upon you to decide whether you will go through it or not.

Our first question is that whom are you talking to? You don’t have the answer. Interestingly, even we ourselves don’t have one. Nor any of the officials concerned. Our so called “Call Letter” from the GP mentioned us as “Computer Operator”, “Data Entry Operator” etc. In the past times we have heard “Computer Operator”, “Data Entry Operator”, ”DEO”, “VLE” and now here is “VLDEE”. In the letters sent to GPs, VLEs were asked to attend the “Workshop”. Can anyone please refer to any document which supports that “PORTABILITY” among “Computer Operator”, “Data Entry Operator”, “DEO”, “VLE” and “VLDEE”? Some says its just a mistake. Is it really a mistake? Mistakenly “DEO” can be “DOE” or “ODE” but not “VLE”. But we think you at the district collectorate are not for making such mistakes. Instead it’s a method to prove “Discontinuation” or may be your “What’s in a name? we need business form those silly fellows and they are doing fine” attitude towards us.

Second, what should we get for our work? Don’t excuse with your damn “Rate Chart”. There is the mention for the registration of a new job card but what about the hundreds of pages of letters and reports that we have to type out every month? If all works of any one of us are brought in pen-and-paper am sure we’ll surpass in volume of work some of the top-bosses of this office. You have the solution “Talk to your GP for those extra works”. What if my GP wants me to pay Rs.1/- per A4 page that we have to type? And on the commission based payment system what will we do when there will be no MGNREGA work in the GP but the GP wants us to be there to “help” them all the time?

Subhrapratim De is a Data Entry Operator (DEO/VLE) under MGNREGA Scheme. He is working at the ground level (Gram Panchayat) since 2008 in West Bengal. He has strong background knowledge of computer system, network and operating system. He has knowledge of programming and databases too. Lastly he is a part time blogger.

  1. Hi and wanna to congratulate all of us to get contracted with respective GPs. After all considerations from our state level we sill stays in confusion along with various questions. But fact is that we hv nothing to do so far. Only can wait for further orders from state in favor of us. More over I hv a verbal information of salary increment which soppose to be issued as soon as possible. Actually my ethic is that always look forward and keep doing own jobs with smile n hope.

    Thnx to all.
    Panna Saha (VLE)
    Khalisamari GP
    Sitalkuchi Block

  2. Hi, I Sohon Mukherjee a Data Entry Operator (VLE) I am working at Domjur Gram Panchayat under Domjur Block Dist.- Howrah. I want to know Our Future ?
    If eny reply pls sent to my Email ID : [email protected]

  3. hi I am VLE under bansbera GP, Barabazar,Purulia worked as a rate chart basic”500.00-1000.00/month”.

  4. Hi, Subho I am so pleasunt to see your openion. I, Dalim ali (Village Level Deta Entry Operator/ VLE). I am working at SahajadpurGP under Berhampore Block, Dist.- Murshidabad. I want to know you that are we under this oredr No.9008-F (P) ?
    If yes pls sent to my Email ID : [email protected].


  6. Hi I am Jeetu Kakoti from Nagaon District Assam working as Computer Operator under MGNREGA having the same questions in my mind…………………….

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