Hello friends, now a days our big problem is NIC has deactivated autofill type features from all their pages. Most affected by this change is NREGA demand entry. In this new update we have to type the dates and no of days of demand for every applicant. And after saving one Job Cards demand these dates/days are not been kept for the next family. Also one more bad change that they have implemented is that on typing the demand from date and pressing tab the page refreshes. Again on entering no of days the page refreshes again. Most irritating is these refreshes are not done by AJAX, and keeping form data features has been disabled in the backend. I don’t know why do they do so, as it reduces productivity. But they do. Now I am here to challenge all their negative developments, and helping fellow data entry operators. So, today I am going to teach you keeping NREGA demand entry dates and no of days and also avoid the page reloads. This will increase your performance significantly.

It will only work in Google Chrome browser.

Steps to Follow :

  1. Goto
  2. Click “ADD TO CHROME”
  3. Installing Autofill Extension

    Installing Autofill Extension

  4. Click “Add Extension.”
  5. Installing Autofill Extension 2

    Installing Autofill Extension 2

  6. Open nrega demand entry page.
  7. Select a family form any village which has a large number of family members (applicants).
  8. Fill “Work Demand From”, “No of Days” and “Work Demand to” (automatically filled up) for all the applicants.
  9. Click on “Autofill” logo.
  10. Opening Autofill

    Opening Autofill

  11. Click “Generate Autofill Rules” button. 
  12. creating autofill

    Creating Autofill

  13. You are done. Just go to data entry index page (previous page) and open demand entry page again. When you select a reg no, you will see that all the field except “Date of Application”is filled up. Just fill it and click “Proceed”. The demand is saved.

For any query do let me know in comments. If you like it please do share with your friends.

Subhrapratim De is a Data Entry Operator (DEO/VLE) under MGNREGA Scheme. He is working at the ground level (Gram Panchayat) since 2008 in West Bengal. He has strong background knowledge of computer system, network and operating system. He has knowledge of programming and databases too. Lastly he is a part time blogger.

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