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Previously we could register a new job card in MGNREGA portal and make work demand for the family. But now we are greeted with a message which says to issue ...

As I discussed in the post how to register new job card, a nrega job card is issued to a family. And family members are dynamic in nature. That means new ...

We are humans and we mistakes. VLEs are humans and they can also make mistake while registering a job card. So, after registering a job card in mgnrega portal ...

The first thing in the MGNREGA website is the new job card registration. The Job Card is the entry pass into the MGNREGA scheme. Also Job Card is one of the ...

Pre-requisite Processes to be executed in PlanPlus for merging PlanPlus with NREGASoft. 1) First Approve the entered plans under PlanPlus2) Second Freeze the ...

The issue of enhancement of remuneration of different contractual officials engaged in connection with implementation of MGNREGA work was under active ...

Fianally EPF for MGNREGA contractual staffs will start. After DEO/VLEs and STPs become contractual, and getting the benefit of Swasthya Sathi this  ...

Finally the Gram Panchayats are coming under the GST network. Gram Panchayat GST registration was  declared mandatory on 14-07-2017 vide finance ...

Hello friends, from the past one year everyone is confused about the NREGA FTO payment tracking procedure. What the procedure we should follow to track nrega ...

In the recent time the most development has been made in the nrega payment process. With the introduction of eFMS (which works in sync with npci mapper), ...

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  2. As far as I know at present here is no such government scheme as you are searching for.

  3. No..if you have swasthya sathi card, then you are eligible. At present permanent staffs are not covered under swasthyasathi.

  4. Click “Open Code in New Window” icon. It will open in a text file. If you cannot see that icon clear browser cache.

  5. Thanks for your feedback Kartick. Kindly download the file again. It has been updated.

  6. It is possible through javascript. Please keep an eye here. It will be posted very soon.

  7. It seems that old certificates are stored in your computer. For this to resolve, delete all the certificates by going to Control Panel>Internet Options>Content>Certificates and “Remove” all the existing certificates. This will resolve the issue.

  8. Kindly open the site from computer. It will open in Notepad like window.

  9. I am not genius. Actually the problems are genius. Who faced the problem are more genius. I have only tried to find a solution. Thanks..

  10. Apply to the Programme Officer (BDO) informing the matter. Also send a copy to the District Programme Coordinator. Also some points must be known which should not be on public domain. So, use the chat option in the right bottom corner of the site and put the question there with proper contact information. That would be personal. Thanks.

  11. Please say clearly what do you want to say..

  12. The main features of the proposed scheme are:-
    The scheme will have basic health cover for secondary and tertiary care
    up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs per annum. Paperless,Cashless
    There will be no cap on the family size.
    Critical illness like, Cancer, Neuro surgeries, cardiothoracic surgeries, liver diseases, blood disorders etc. will be covered up to Rs 5 Lakh.
    All pre-existing diseases will be covered.
    The entire premium will be borne by the State Government with no contribution from the beneficiaries.
    Swathyasathi card to each family and the management of the scheme in paperless IT platform

  13. 31-03-2017 র Order এ ঠিক যে যে কাজ বলা আছে তার বাইরে অন্য কোন কাজ কোরো না..

  14. We can not provide you that..sorry.

  15. Thanks for your compliment..

  16. Kindly send a good quality screenshot to [email protected].

  17. Can’t confirm. Please check yourself.

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