Before you upload NREGA DEO VLE Related Order….

Each time someone gets any order or circular which is related to MGNREGA or DEO/VLE he/she starts sharing it on either facebook or whatsapp groups. Its good. As social media has a greater reach those orders spreads really fast. But have you ever searched for a order which was published 3/4 years ago by the state government or any other districts? It is really tough. As facebook does not provide the option to search such things by filename or anything else. Whats app files are deleted by most of us. And if you are one who never delete whatsapp media file, it will be of no help as whatsapp degrades the image/file quality to a level that is beyond printing. Some such orders are available here. So, I am here creating this archive where you can upload NREGA DEO VLE related order or circular which you have.

Main Features 

  • Uploaded items will not be deleted.
  • Quality of the uploaded file will not be modified.
  • Images will not be compressed.
  • It is searchable.
  • If you need a file, you will be able to download that.
  • No watermarking will be made.


  • File types allowed : All image file types, PDF, MS Word files (.doc, .docx etc) and MS Excel files (.xls, .xlsx etc)
  • Max file size 3 MB.

Here is a short video that shows how to upload NREGA Orders to this website.

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